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Over the couple of  years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Orangease is a values-driven Full service marketing agency that are providing service with dedication.


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PPC Management Company

Orangease is a PPC management company that helps businesses like yours to earn more Profit in less effort. Our Data-Driven Paid Marketing strategies help brands to Grow Faster and achieve their marketing goals quickly. 

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PPC For Your Business

Pay per click management service or search engine marketing is a Digital marketing Avenue that helps to grow your business cost-effectively.  Paid advertisement campaigns always get high potential leads. People who willing to use your services or ready to purchase products can be converted using Google advertisement or PPC campaigns. 

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Why we are

Best PPC Management AGENCY

Orangease comes under the top PPC advertising agency for many years. We are helping multiple brands to get potential leads using the best practices given by google Ads. That is why we are ahead of our competitors and growing fluently.

Our goal is to achieve your business objectives and help you expose in the top searches of the search engine, while your target visitor searches for a product or service like yours.

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PPC Advertising Services

In a Paid advertisement, we help you to bring new and recurring customers quickly. We use the following campaign models to manage our pay per click campaigns that help businesses to close to their objectives/goals:

Build your small business

Dominate Your Competition with
Process-Driven PPC campaigns

Search Ads/ Text Ads

The text form of advertisement that the marketer uses to communicate and promote their services or products on search Networks,

Search network includes Search engines, email platforms like Gmail, and YouTube is also a part of it.  Text ads are one of the most common formats to expose your brand to the relevant audience. Orangease is always committed to making high-engaging ad copies and descriptions.

That increases the rate of Click-through rate ( CTR ) and increases the conversion rate simultaneously. The most important criteria that most people fail to optimize is Mobile Ads optimization. We make mobile accelerated and optimize them in a responsive way to get more In-market share.

Display Ads Marketing

Display ads are commonly known as Visuals based ads or ads that consist of Images, text. Video and audio can be paste to over 2 million websites and 6.5 million mobile apps with Display ads.

Display ads always are suitable for appealing or convincing the visitor. Usually, with this PPC technique, you can formalize with an In-Market audience. It is essential because it allows you to track your audience engagement and behaviours, making changes as per analysis if needed.

As an agency, we have collaborated with multiple businesses to achieve marketing goals. We create outstanding creatives, and our designing team has made the animation for renowned companies like Career analytics and Price Hubble.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is a robust form of internet marketing to outstretch the people who have recently visited your website or mobile app. As an agency, we highly believe in focused advertising. That is why we make custom audience segments for the specific situation,

The main benefit of remarketing is that you can reach people all across their internet devices. Either it could be a mobile app or website they visit.

We make sure to expose actionable ads that will drag the audience towards your conversion.

Shopping Campaigns

A shopping campaign allows you to market your product business. This campaign shows your product image and details such as price, reviews, and more. If you are looking for an automated product ads setup, orangease will help you set up an intelligent shopping campaign that will automatically show the products per visitor’s desired query.

Universal App campaign

If you are running an e-commerce business and want users to download your mobile app, UAC is the best option for you.
A universal app campaign helps you to automate the process of app install and in-app actions. It could be an engagement or any conversion. UAC uses machine learning to optimize the campaign to reach the actual audience.
UAC display on search and display network. For app install, its algorithm triggered the ads to the relevant query.

What will you get with

PPC Campaign Management Services

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Drive In-Market audience that make more conversion

Every business needs a supportive marketing strategy to achieve its objectives. The most common goal of every business is to introduce their product or services to new people and convincing them to convert into a potential lead. We will boost your business and refine your audience in 3 billion daily searches. These audiences enter theirs queries to get the relevant answered, and using the PPC campaign management services, we will provide the answers and introducing your brand immediately.

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Get instant and recurring results using remarketing strategies:

Search engine Marketing always shows results instantly if a marketer has made a proper strategy.

In PPC ads, we have to optimize google ads, consider bidding strategy, and improve ads quality scores. To ensure a high-quality score, we check multiple parameters, including your lading page. We make dynamic ad copies and use ad rotation to get the best insight for the next step.

Our bidding experts control the Value Cost per conversion (CPC) and improve the parameters of the ad. The cost per acquisition mustn’t be more than the value of the lead.

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Our journey as a

PPC Advertising Firm


Goal Setting & Market Analysis

As a ppc management company, we would like you to share your goals for this campaign and for this we will assign a market competitive PPC manager who will collect the data from you and will understand your business nature and objective. After having a comprehensive data, our experts will do market analysis and will share a Campaign strategy with you.


Keyword Research and Affordability

After discussing the strategy, we start work on keyword research. It is the pillar of any campaign. Usually, the keyword is defined as the user search query. Our experts find a suitable keyword with enough search Volume, relevancy with the business/product, and affordability. We also closely monitor competitors and find loopholes to defeat them and get a high ad ranking. We use a more innovative approach for every single campaign. It saves a thousand dollars each year.


Campaign Set-up and bid management

Before crating camping, we come up with complete research and strategy for the PPC advertainment. In this step we build a complete structure of ad group that has ad copies, our creative writers write a high engaging ad copies and descriptions, while our creative make an eye-catchy visuals for the display ads. We use multiple strategies to set up bidding, we also play with split testing that I commonly known as A/B testing.


ROI Tracking & ad Optimization

As a PPC advisor our team track the campaign data and optimize it if necessary, the optimization includes changing in bid, maintain quality score and most important exclude keywords those are not performing well,


Reporting Session

We won’t leave you alone after the advertisement, we will continuously send you update on weekly/monthly basis with the results. We make sure to install conversion tracker on your campaign, you can directly check the leads and conversion is driving from the our ppc management campaign.

Why Orangease for your

Next PPC Campaign

We understand the situation of business owners while finding a best digital marketing agency to increase sales or generating leads. It is not easy to find an affordable Pay per click management company. Unlike other agencies, we have a smooth process of understanding your problems and how to solve them.

What are the

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising Agency For You​


1. PPC is a Budget Efficient Avenue

Pay per click advertainment allow us to manage budget efficiently. If you choose our services, you’ll never get paid for the advertisement impression or reach. you only pay for targeted click.

2. PPC Is a Rapid Traffic Solution:

If you are new in your market and your website reach and impressions are not enough to achieve your goals. So here, Pay-per-Click will help you to drive traffic instantly. Touching the high ranking for a specific keyword may take months organically. Using PPC, you can have rapid traffic and growth simultaneously. 

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PPC Campaign Management Services

3. PPC Has a Robust Targeting options:

We are partnered with Google AdWords to run our PPC campaigns effectively because Google has the world’s Largest wealth-making data resources. Using those resources, we do Digital Magic to grab and target the relevant audience.

The main benefit of PPC audience segmentation is we can customize our audience if they are not up to the mark, and we can also create a new audience like the one who has successfully converted using Paid search Marketing.

The matrices google AdWords provides for the targeting are User Interests and Locations. You can also target them using age segments.

The most famous targeting option is Retargeting If your visitor lands on your product or services page. You can retarget them by showing your ads on google partners platform, Like (website, Search engine, or Video ads)


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    You must aware about

    Pay Per Click FAQ's

    Why pay per click is important?

    PPC is the most important avenue of Digital marketing because of conversion rate. The visitor drives through the pay-per-click campaign are more likely to convert comparatively to other online marketing avenues.

    Why should I use pay per click?

    The main and foremost advantage of PPC is, it is a cost-effective digital avenue because you won’t get charged for impression and reach. Price will be deducted when the visitor clicks on your ad and comes to your website.

    When should I use pay per click?

    PPC is a helpful way to reach a more targeted audience actively looking for your business-related term (Keyword).

    How much can I earn from pay per click?

    Google says, for every $1 spent on PPC, businesses can generate $2 in revenue. But it involves multiple factors. Such as bidding strategies for PPC, Keyword analysis, your ad quality score...

    Does pay-per-click really work?

    Yes, PPC works because you have full control on a budget, desired audience segments, Remarketing the abandoned cart that you don’t have in traditional Marketing avenues, Such as Bill board, TVC, newspapers, etc...

    How much does PPC cost?

    Yes, PPC works because you have full control on a budget, desired audience segments, Remarketing the abandoned cart that you don’t have in traditional Marketing avenues, Such as Bill board, TVC, newspapers, etc...