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Over the couple of  years we helping companies reach their financial and branding goals. Orangease is a values-driven Full service marketing agency that are providing service with dedication.

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Video & Whiteboard Animation Agency

Orangease is a Best Explainer Video & Whiteboard Animation Company that helps you achieve your marketing goals with Eye-Catchy animated videos.

We also create infographics animations that Simplify your complex data and promote your business, either it can be a product or service!

Explainer Video & Whiteboard Animation Company

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos or whiteboard animated videos are the modern way to explain your product or service. Usually, explainer videos are embedded on the main page of the website. For example, it could be a landing page or a specific product page.

These animated videos bring very high potential business leads. In addition, we have seen statistical data showing that having a good explainer on your web page can increase the conversion rate by more than 64%.

2D Explainer Video
Here is a

Journey Of Explainer Video



To get the high converting explainer video, we collect data to understand your Product/Service offer. We collect data by sending you a questioner that helps us to understand your business problems, your audience and goals.

The script is the main ingredient of the explainer videos. Based on business and strategy, our content writer writes creative script that explains your business. If you have your script ready, then we would love to follow your lead.


Visual Creations

In this Step, our creatives start to illustrate storyboard as per the style of animation that you’ve chosen. Our artists craft visuals that reflect the script and convey the message easily.

We have a variety of talented voice-over artist from most countries who help you choose the perfect voice for your video.



Once we have approval for Voice over and visuals, we move to the animation process. The market-competitive animator starts their magic to convert visuals into the Eye-catchy animated explainer.

Sound Effects
It's time to add sound effects (SFX) to the explainer video to make it more engaging. In this step, we also work on the soundtrack. So here you go with the final product.

Explainer videos Cost
How much does an

Animated Explainer Video Cost?

Usually, a custom animated explainer cost you between $5000 – $2000. Behind this cost, there are many factors involved. The primary & foremost factor is the Style of your animation and then the length of the video and a deliverable time that also hit the prices.

At Orangease, we also have suitable plans for startups, small-size companies, and non-profitable organizations. We believe no one a thousand dollars to kick start their careers. If you want to get your entry level animated explainer video contact us Today and get a Free Quote.

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Why Orangease

Best Company for Explainer Video?

No-Copyright Material

We make custom graphics as per script that reflects your brand and converts it, into the eye catchy animation.

Voices Variations

Voice over or narration is a main ingredients of animated videos. We have a wide variety of voices with multiple-region accents. We choose the right candidate as script and story. We also send voice samples to get approval.

Affordable Price

Most agencies are charging way above odd and showing they are making a nuclear bomb for you. We have the best plan for every size of business.

Multiple Free Revisions

Our believe in buyer satisfaction. That is why we provide multiple free revisions if needed; also, we revised the process after the step ends with the budget adjustment.

On-time Delivery

Our main priority is to deliver the video in the given time & we are good in it that is why we have many repetitive buyers.

Data Security

Every busing want to secure theirs data so we keep personal identity or brand idea confidential until you want to expose it and we always ready to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if needed.

Take your brand to Next Level!

There are multiple

Styles of Explainer Video


Animated Cartoon Explainer Video

Cartoon Videos are the most common type of video explainer. In this explanation video, we craft custom cartoon illustrations as per the script scenario and showcase a story creatively.

Usually, cartoon character used to define business and products features or problem-solving situations

Style #2

Screencast Explainer Video

You have a web application and you want to demonstrate the process of that app to the audience. It could help you to get more sales and potential leads. Screencast video is a style of explainer video that help you to record the complete journey of your product with narration that helps others to understand the performing action.

Style #3

2d Infographics Animation

The Infographic animation style is a very useful tool to showcase your information and data matrics that can be hard to present live. This type of videos has outstanding graphics styles in text and images or you can also call it motion graphics.

It is a very powerful tool if you are explaining technical idea or graphical representation. Mostly huge sized companies use it to explain their progress, future planning and problem-solving issues. Infographics has multiple sub-styles that you can see at  graphicsmama.

Style #4

Live Action Explainer Video Animation

Live-action explainer animation is a very effective video style when it comes to internet marketing. Mostly product owner uses this style to demonstrate their products.

The Live -action explainer requires you to record a real scenario in which people are using or showing your product or explaining your business features and to support their actions, and we add motion graphics to reveal the facts or message creatively.

The main advantage of live-action video is increasing engagement and building a strong connection with your audience, the integration of motion graphics and real scenario help to understand your idea easily.

Style #5

Whiteboard Animation / Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animated videos are the game-changing explainer video’s style. In this explanatory video, we show hand-drawn animation on the whiteboard. It is the most demanding style from the last couple of years because of its user-friendly process and Budget. Using the whiteboard animation, you can easily explain your complex idea step by step with background narration.

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    You Must aware of

    Top 5 Benefits of Explainer Video

    Benefit #1

    High Conversion Rate

    You are getting a ton of traffic, but visitors are not converting. So worry no more because Explainer videos are best for audience conversion. You can’t request each visitor to read all the features and facts you’re product has, but using an eye-catchy 2-3 Min animated explainer video, you can quickly reveal all the parts of your products and services. According to @mediaPost, videos can increase the purchase rate by 97% and that is phenomenal.

    Benefit #2

    Get More Customer Retention

    According to sources, an individual visitor’s attention span is about 8 seconds. Suppose the website’s content doesn’t get visitors’ attention so that they will skip your content. From the website ranking perspective, it’s not a good signal. So, using the explainer video, you can get robust retention and high potential leads.

    Benefit #3

    Simplifies your Complex Idea

    No one has time to read thousands of words of the article in this fast-paced world and attend live presentation sessions to understand your idea. But understanding is very useful for the audience. So, using a short-animated explainer video, you can convey your message quickly and engaging way.

    Benefit #4

    Produce, Publish and Promote (3Ps)

    A video is a convenient tool that you can paste on social media. You can easily embed it on your webpage, you can also send it through E-mails, or you can publish it on any digital publications. After having a business animation video,

    You can easily reach more people or intentionally target an In-market audience by using Internet marketing tools. Such as Pay per click (PPC), social media marketing, even though you can use e-mail marketing to get more revenue or achieve your goals.

    Benefit #5

    Increase Ranking on Search Engine

    Getting a higher ranking on the search engine is the dream of every business owner. According to SEO celebrity (Brian Dean), Having a video on a website transmits a content quality signal, and it is one of the ranking factors as per Google guidelines.

    Let me guide you on how it works. First, whenever a visitor lands on your site, google follows visitor activity. So the longer a visitor stays on your website, the more chances you have to rank.

    If you are interested to see more benefits of the explainer video:

    FAQs : Animated Explainer Videos

    How do I get started with making an animated explainer video?

    The first step is to determine the purpose of the video. Are you trying to promote a product or service? Or are you trying to educate your audience about something specific? Once you know the purpose of the video, you can start planning out the storyboard and script.

    How much does an animated explainer video cost?

    The cost of making an animated explainer video can vary depending on the length and complexity of the animation. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $1,000-$5,000 for a quality video.

    What style of animation should I use for my explainer video?

    There are many different types of animation styles to choose from, and the best one depends on your specific needs and budget. Some popular styles include 2D hand-drawn animation,  Infographics, 3D animation, and motion graphics.

    Can I use my own voiceover for my animated explainer video?

    Yes, you can use your own voiceover or hire a voiceover artist to narrate the video. However, keep in mind that the voiceover should be clear and easy to understand.

    What types of files can I use for my explainer video?

    The most common file types used for animated explainer videos are MP4 and MOV. However, you may also want to consider using SWF or HTML5 files, which are compatible with most web browsers.

    What is the best length for an animated explainer video?

    The ideal length for an animated explainer video depends on your specific needs and audience. However, most videos range from 60-90 seconds long.

    I'm not sure what type of animation to use for my explainer video. Can you help me choose?

    Yes, we can help you choose the right type of animation for your video. Just contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

    How do I know if my explainer video is effective?

    You can measure the effectiveness of your video by looking at the number of views, shares, and comments it receives. You can also track how many sales or leads you to generate from the video.

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